Brazilians are all about sexy and sensual, exuberating effortless beauty and unshakable confidence. In Brazil, we believe beauty is a feeling, an attitude, a state of mind.
Brazilian beauty culture emphasizes a natural and holistic approach to beauty: Properly taking care of your skin with natural super-food ingredients and using sunscreen.
Our beauty culture it's about having unconditional love for yourself just the way you are by gaining a new appreciation for your flaws and freeing yourself of the projected ideals placed upon by the "beauty standards".
In Brazil, we are always pushing the boundaries on what it means to be naturally beautiful.
That's what Buzios represents and wants to bring to everyone, a state of mind and unshakable confidence. We've captured Brazilian's best-kept beauty secrets in a 2 step ritual with high-quality products.
Through extensive research with biochemists and dermatologists, we were able to get down to key ingredients necessary for your skin to thrive. We've selected each ingredient carefully, so that there weren't any toxins, carcinogens, skin sensitizers or endocrine disruptors. Our products are infused with super-foods and nutrient-rich ingredients from Amazon's rainforest that supports and helps healing your skin barrier.
We allow you to become the best version of yourself with our game changing product.
Linda e sensual inside and out.